Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are the most popular pool heating method. We sell standard heat pumps with the latest R32 Gas and the latest Inverter Heat Pumps. Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps offer substantial savings with COP of upto 15. Inverter Heat Pumps are also Ultra Quiet. World Of Pools only sells the heat pumps that we have checked and tested ourselves. We stock Hydropro, Waterco, Calorex, DanthermHeatseeker, Rio & Garden Pac. Norsup full inverter heat pumps are available from our retail shop.  Call us for more information, we know our heat pumps inside out, trust their reliability and can recommend with conviction which will be best for you and how you use your pool.
  • EVI 24kw Heat Pump - The Only "Truly All Year Round" Pool Heat Pump In The UK
  • Works Efficiently Down To -25° C
  • Only £5450 Including Delivery To Anywhere In Europe
  • Three Phase Electrical Supply Required
  • Can Be Used In Domestic Or Commercial Applications
  • Finished To Order - Delivery 7 Days
  • Cheaper To Run Than Normal Heat Pumps
  • Copeland EVI Compressor
  • 7 Days A Week Installation Helpline from World Of Pools.com
  • Heats Even When It's Snowing - Suitable For Anywhere In Europe
  • 3 Settings - Heat - Cool - Automatic
  • ABS Anti Rust Cabinet

DELIVERY: We aim to send all products out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: This product is produced to order and as such is classed as a special order and cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturers defect


The Ultra EVI Cold Weather Swimming Pool Heat Pump is the only "true" All Year Round swimming pool heat pump. Perfect for indoor pools in the UK up to 30ft x 15ft

The Ultra EVI Swimming Pool 3 Phase air source heat pump is built to work in mountainous regions of Northern Europe especially in extreme cold weather, being equipped with Copeland EVI compressors, it will function effectively even down to -25℃, making it the only true “All 52 Weeks” year round Swimming Pool Heat Pump.

Utilising the EVI technology makes it perfect for indoor pools in the UK because even at 2℃ the Ultra Evi Swimming Pool Heat Pump could be keeping your 30ft x 15ft Indoor Pool up to swimming temperature.

Check below in the sizing chart for suitability on your pool

EVI is the acronym for Enhanced Vapor Injection, technology that improves the ability of the scroll compressor to produce much more heat at far lower temperatures than other heat pumps. Although this technology is not cheap, we have been able to offer the Ultra EVI Heat Pump at an exceptionally competitive price when compared to other heat pumps of a similar size, which will not even function effectively at anywhere near the ultra low temperatures the Ultra EVI Swimming Pool Heat Pump can.

The Ultra EVI Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are vastly more efficient and cost effective than other heat pumps and when working in cold weather their efficiency is 50% - 80% greater than any ordinary air source heat pump.

Whatever time of year the Ultra EVI Swimming Pool Heat Pump will always be saving you money on your electricity bills.

Only £5450 delivered anywhere in Europe

Performance Levels KW Output KW Used COP
Air 24°C & Water 26°C 24.1 4 6.02
Air 15°C & Water 26°C 18.5 3.7 5.01
Air  7°C  & Water  26°C 17.1 3.75 4.56
 Air  2°C  &  Water 26°C 15.3 3.78 4.05
 Air -7°C  & Water 26°C 11.7 3.78 3.09
 Air -15°C & Water 26°C 9.1 3.75 2.42


Suggested Pool Volumes Based On Air Temperature
Air 24°C & Water 26°C 100 - 150 m3
Air 15°C & Water 26°C 85 - 130 m3
 Air  2°C  &  Water 26°C 75 - 115 m3
 Air -7°C  & Water 26°C 35 - 55 m3
 Air -15°C & Water 26°C 15 - 35 m3