Tangit PVC & ABS Cleaner For Swimming Pool Pipe

by World Of Pools.com
  • Tangit PVC & ABS Cleaner For Swimming Pool Pipe
  • Solvent To Remove Grease & Dirt Before Gluing
  • Ensures Best Weld Results On Pipework
  • In Stock For Immediate Delivery

Solvent cleaner is used for the removal of grease and oily deposits on the surfaces of pipe, pipe fittings.

PVC / ABS Pipe cleaner is a special blend of solvents formulated to clean all PVC and ABS pipework prior to cement welding or glueing together. This PVC / ABS Pipe cleaner will effectively removes unwanted oils, dirt and grease. It is essential that all joins are cleaned before applying cement/ glue to prevent the join from leaks.

Application is very simple, use a clean cloth/rag and gently submerse into the solvent and then gently wipe foreign matter away for a nice smooth finish of preparation of cementing the join together.


When making a threaded piece of pipe air tight/water tight you do not need pipe cleaner or cement, this would be bounded with simply adding PTFE Tape (please see related products below)