Swimming Pool Epoxy Repair Putty Stick

by H2oFun.co.uk
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    Epoxy Repair Putty Stick is similar to Surex Aquastik and will repair and fix a range of things:
      • Underwater Repairs, Concrete Cracks, Leaking Pipes
      • Boats, Hot Tubs, Gaskets, Motors, Tiles, Wood
      • Fibreglass, Metal, Aquariums, Plumbing Pipework
      • Electrical Bathrooms, Tanks, Glass
      • Can be Drilled, Sanded and Painted

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      Epoxy Repair Stick is a two-part epoxy putty. To use, simply break off what you need, knead then apply. Epoxy Repair Stick forms into a white concrete like material and is easy to apply. The mix will be white and will harden within 20-30 minutes. In 24 hours, it will be rock hard and will seal the hole/damaged area. The Epoxy Repair Stick is environmentally and ecologically friendly and has a four-year shelf life. Epoxy Repair Stick will glue swimming pool tiles underwater, it can be used to repair concrete pool surface cracks and particularly handy with fibre-glass repairs and ABS 

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