Relax 5KG Multifunctional Chlorine Tablets Large 200g Multipool

by World Of Pools
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  • Relax 5kg Large Multi pool Chlorine Tablets 200g
  • Multifunctional Stabilised Chlorine Tablets are ideal for outdoor pools
  • Chlorine, Algaecide & Clarifier In One Tablet
  • Easy to use with immediate effect on bacteria
  • Simple to measure dosing
  • In Stock For Immediate Delivery
  • BPR Approved Manufacturer - Guarantees Highest Quality


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Relax 5kg Multifunctional Large Chlorine Tablets are the most simple and effective choice for your swimming pool. Being virtually pH neutral it is possible to dose your swimming pool with Chlorine throughout the summer without affecting the swimming pool water pH by any noticeable degree, whilst adding residual levels of algaecide and clarifier. If you have an indoor pool, we would suggest using Un-stabilised Chlorine, commonly called Shock.

The ideal chlorine reading in your pool water is between 1 and 3 ppm, this figure can easily tested using Aquachek Test Strips. Testing your pool water daily will allow you to keep control of the swimming pool chlorine level very easily. If the reading is too low, you will simply need to add more Chlorine Granules to the pool water. Full instructions, measurements and quantities are provided on each tub.

Little and often is the most effective method of dosing your swimming pool with Chlorine, as it is a lot easier to correct under dosing than it is over dosing.

The impact of pH on efficiency of Chlorine in your Swimming Pool

Your Swimming Pool pH value has a direct impact on the ability of the Chlorine to sanitise swimming pool water efficiently. A high pH level generally means Chlorine Granules are less efficient.
Water pH of 6.5 - Chlorine in your pool is around 90% efficient
Water pH of 7.0 - Chlorine in your pool is around 75% efficient.
Water pH of 7.5 - Chlorine in your pool is around 47% efficient
Water pH of 8.0 - Chlorine in your pool is around 22% efficient.