RaeGuard Weave Swimming Pool Heat Retention GeoBubble Cover

by World of Pools.com
  • Raeguard Weave All Year Round Swimming Pool Heat Retention Cover
  • For Use On Residential Or Commercial Pools
  • Add Tow Kit For Ease Of Use
  • Woven Tear Resistant Top With GeoBubble Underneath
  • Micron Woven Top Layer & 500 Micron Bubble Layer
  • UV stabilised cover
  • Ideal cover where ease of use is important
  • 3 year pro rata warranty
  • Raeguard Weave are made to order - please allow 7-10 working days for delivery

DELIVERY: Made To Order - Delivery Is 7-10 Working Days.

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The RaeGuard Weave Heat Retention Cover is a must-have for frequently used pools, offering unparalleled durability. Made from a 500 micron Bubble with a tough, tear-resistant woven surface, it's perfect for Residential, Commercial, or Semi-Commercial pools used Indoors or Outdoors. Keep your pool warm and convenient with this heat retention cover!

The combination of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) biaxially woven layer on top of the GeoBubble™ material is laminated to create a cover that is over 2.5 times stronger than a regular cover. This reinforcement significantly enhances the cover's mechanical properties in both directions, providing a sturdy and reliable option for both residential and commercial swimming pools. Additionally, the enhanced durability makes it an ideal choice for holiday rentals.

Raeguard Weave Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers are suitable for reel systems and therefore towing systems are available.

The specially selected pigments of RaeGuard™’s silver & white layers are designed to reflect and scatter radiative heat, and maximise reflection in the targeted mid-infrared region.

Heat Retention
The unique GeoBubble™ air cell provides a substantial barrier layer which works to prevent the transfer of thermal energy away from the surface of a pool.

Evaporation Control
When a pool is covered, instead of using energy to turn into water vapour, your pool water retains its thermal energy and stays warmer.

  • 500 micron
  • Retain heat and maintain pool temperature
  • For Use On Residential Or Commercial Pools
  • Reduce heating cost by up to 57%
  • Pay back the cost of a cover within 1 year
  • Works on both indoor and outdoor pools
  • Eliminate evaporation by 98%
  • Reduce debris contamination
  • Save money and reduce the environmental impact of your pool
  • 6+ years expected lifespan
  • GeoBubble™ Technology

The RaeGuard Weave Swimming Pool Heat Retention GeoBubble Cover is perfect for year-round use, ensuring your pool stays warm even during the open season. Whether your pool stays open for 12 months or just a few, the versatile Reaguard Weave cover is the ideal choice.

Made to order, with a lead time of just 7-10 days, it can be customized to fit any pool size or shape.

Contact us now for a personalized quote and experience the true value of this cover!