Plastica Slidelock Reel with Wireless Motorised Kit

by World Of
    • Slidelock Reel with Wireless Motor
    • Wireless Motor comes with Remote Control and Lithium Battery
    • Polished stainless steel reel system for small to large swimming pools
    • Perfect reel for heavy 500 micron solar covers
    • Range of different end stands
    • Small slidelock reel holds max width 4.3m
    • Large slidelock reel holds max width 6.1m


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    Slidelock Reel from Plastica is a premium reel system made from stainless steel. The Slidelock Reel now comes with an option to make this a semi-automatic reel with a motorised system. The motor is powered by a Lithium battery that provides long life. A charger is also included. There are no wires required and the system comes with a remote control.

    The reel system has an upgrade option of a solar powered panel. There are two sizes for the slidelock reel and it is important you have the correct size. the Slidelock Reel is ideal for the heavier solar covers such as Midas 500 or Sol Guard 500 and the motorised system will make a significant difference in operating the solar cover on you swimming pool