Splasher Pool Liner Plain Blue Overlap Liner

by Plastica
  • Plain Blue Overlap Swimming Pool Liner 36" High Pools
  • American Manufactured Highest Quality Above Ground Pool Liners
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  • Quick & Easy Installation 

DELIVERY: We aim to send all products out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: This product is produced to order and as such is classed as a special order and cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturers defect


Replacement Plain Blue Overlap Liners by Swimline are 16 thou on the floor & walls, to ensure a professional installation only install the liner on a warm and dry day as these are stretched into place to prevent creases. These liners are suitable for 36” wall heights and due to the nature of this product these are non-returnable so please be sure you have measured your pool correctly before placing an order.

The Overlap liner is probably the least expensive liner you can buy on the market but if installed correctly can look as good as any other, please ensure all preparation works are carried out to manufactures guidelines as any imperfections will be shown once you start filling with water. Here are a few liner installation guidelines that we would strongly suggest following 

Liner Installation Instructions

Install day must be a warm sunny day to replace your liner with very little wind, the hotter it is the easier the installation will be.

Leave your new liner in a conservatory or in a very warm spot to get the boxed liner as warm as possible before unpacking. This will ensure flexibility in the liner when it comes to install day

Prepare your pool Base very carefully, sweeping the pool floor to remove all loose debris and sharp object which may push through. Always form a cove or install your Easy Cove at the bottom of the pool wall. The coving is a vital part in ensuring a lock is formed at the bottom of your pool. An inadequate cove will result in liner pushing underneath the wall causing the liner to fail.

Install your pool floor felt and foam walls if you have chosen that optional extra, the floor felt will protect your liner from abrasive damage from the floor of your pool, and give a soft feel underfoot. It will also soften any sudden impact with the pool floor.

When overlapping your liner be careful not to drag it over any sharp edges to puncture the liner and make sure the overlap is even all the way round. Once you have overlapped it so much aim to have the liner 3” to 6” off the ground before filling and clamp down with heavy duty pegs. 

Start filling the pool, at this stage there should be 1 person inside the pool trying to move out any excess liner material to the edges and ensuring they control the helpers outside the pool to release or hold the liner as necessary.

Whilst filling do not be tempted to drop to much liner in at once as creases will not be able to be pulled out due to the weight of the water. Drop liner in small and even quantities until water level has reached pools walls, at this stage you should not have to drop any more liner in.

These replacement overlap swimming pool Liners are suitable for all sizes of the following pools:

These liners have a material thickness of:
Wall - 16 thou thick Virgin Vinyl and Floor - 16 thou thick Virgin Vinyl
This liner fitting is a 2 to 4 man job - please do not try this with 1 person.

Please note that all warranty claims on liners are only valid if any fault is found on a manufactured seam. All the liners are reverse inflated when manufactured to ensure water tightness, so no warranty can be accepted for holed liners.