Jolly Gel Flocculent Clarifier For Swimming Pools

by World Of
  •     4 x Jolly Gel cubes in each box
  •     1 cube treats a pool up to 60,000 litres for 2-3 weeks
  •     Helps prevent Algae too
  •     For smaller pools, cut cubes in half
  •     Not to be used with cartridge or D.E filters.


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Jolly Gel is one of the most popular Pool products on the market, easy to use, the Jolly Gel cube is placed in the Pool Pump Skimmer basket to remove phosphates and improve water clarity. Just one cube can treat 12,500 gallons for 2 to 3 weeks

Jolly Gel is the UK's most popular flocculant, improving your pool water clarity and removing phosphates. The gel ckubes work by placing a clear film over the filter media, this prevents the smallest particals from passing straight through the filter media. Trapping the small particals turns the clarity of the water to crystal clear within a few hours. 

Each pack contains 4 jolly Gel Cubes, enough to last at least 8 weeks on a 12,500 pool.

Jolly Gel cubes are held in stock for fast delivery