Swimming Pool Heavy Duty Deep Leaf Net

by World Of Pools.com
  • Heavy Duty Leaf Net
  • Fits All Complock Poles
  • Has A BladeTo Scoop Leaves Off Pool Floor
  • Massive Bag Holds Huge Amount Of Debris

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The Heavy Duty Deep Leaf Net is suitable for collecting leaves and debris from the bottom, top and even sinking debris in a swimming pool. Using a heavy Duty Leaf Net will make clearing the water easier and the leaf net should last longer. By using a Leaf net you will reduce the amount of leaves clogging up the strainer basket and leaves can sometimes leave a stain on the swimming pool liner

Heavy Duty Deep Leaf Nets are perfect for gathering leaves and debris from the bottom of all types of Swimming Pools. No matter what your pool floor is whether it is a contant depth or hopper shape this Deep Leaf Net will be fantastic for gathering and removing all unwanted debris. Its designed with a lip to help flick debris and leafs into the net while just pushing the telescopic pole along the floor.