Hayward Salt & Swim - Salt Chlorinator For Swimming Pools

by hayward
  • Hayward Salt & Swim Swimming Pool Salt Chlorinator
  • Easy to install - 'All-In-One' cell for simple installation
  • Will work on pools 75m3 to 100m3
  • Superchloranating option
  • Salt levels between 1.5g/hour and 3g/l salt and 22g/hour and 3g/l salt
  • Latest models LED system display and chlorine salt adjustment technology

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RETURNS: This product can be returned in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


Salt & Swim by Hayward provides a DIY-friendly salt chlorinator that delivers the 3Cs of salt chlorination - Comfort, Convenience, and Cost Savings which over time will recoup the capital cost. Latest models have chlorine adjustment technology

With this salt system you will get the benefit of silky soft water, that won't turn eyes red. Using salt is a more natural approach to chlorination which also eliminates the harsh chlorine odor associated with factory-produced chlorine.

Less work is required maintain the water treatment levels using a salt system and this convenience means no more lugging heavy buckets of harsh chlorine. With salt chlorination, sanitizing pools happens automatically by converting ordinary salt into 100% pure chlorine.

Salt & Swim 3C also provides a cost savings against more over traditional chlorine. Each cell produces a ton of chlorine, but at more than half the cost of other forms of chlorine.