Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algaecide

by Fi-Clor
    • Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algicide 1lt
    • Destroys all types of algae including the most resistant
    • Highly concentrated algicide that combats black / yellow and mustart algae
    • Copper based algicide with a long life formular

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    Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algaecide is designed to kill all types of algae including black, yellow and mustard algae. This is a highly concentrated algicide that will destroy even the most resistant types of algae. Fi-Clor extra strong algicide comes in a 1 litre container. .5 liters will treat a 50 cubic meter pool

    Guide To Using Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algaecide

    Do not shock treat your pool 48 hours before using Fi-clor extra strong algicide. pool should have correct pH balance and normal chlorine level

    Dose rate of Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algicide: 500ml Per 50m3 will last a minimum of 3 months. Filtration must be running to clear Algae bloom. No bathing.

    Winterising Your Swimming Pool: Shock your pool to achieve 5ppm Chlorine level. 48 Hours later add Fi-Clor algaecide

    Dosing Chart For Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algicide



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