Fi-Clor Chlorine & Bromine Reducer For Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

by Fi-Clor
  • Fi-Clor Chlorine  & Bromine Reducer
  • Suitable For Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs
  • Fi Clor Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Neutralises Sanitiser Levels When Overdosed
  • Quick Dissolving & Fast Acting
  • See Results In 2 Hours - No Need To Wait Days


DELIVERY: Fi-Clor Chlorine & Bromine Reducer will be sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: Fi-Clor Chlorine & Bromine Reducer can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


Fi-Clor Chlorine & Bromine Reducer will  lower the chlorine or bromine  level in a swimming pool or hot tub if accidentally over-dosed. Available in 2.5kg tubs.

Dosing info: Calculate the volume of your swimming pool or hot tub, if in doubt use this link to our Swimming Pool Chemical Handbook to use the handy swimming pool volume calculator. Take an accurate reading of the free chlorine level or available bromine to discover the amount of sanitiser that needs to be removed from the pool or hot tub.

To reduce CHLORINE level, the dosing rate is 7gms of Fi-Clor Chlorine / Bromine Reducer per 1m3 (1,000 litres / 220 gallons) of water for every 1mg/l (ppm) of chlorine to be reduced. For the fair sized swimming pool of 50m3 (50,000 litres / 11,000 gallons), 350gof the product will reduce the chlorine level by 1mg/l (ppm)

To reduce the BROMINE level, the dose rate is 3gms of Fi-Clor Chlorine / Bromine Reducer per 1m3 (1,000 litres / 220 gallons) of water for every 1mg/l (ppm) of bromine to be reduced. For an average sized hot tub of 1.5m3 (1,500 litres / 330 gallons), 4.5g of the product will reduce the bromine level by 1mg/l (ppm).

To achieve the best results, it is advised to  distribute the product evenly around the pool or hot tub. Leave at least 2 hours before re-testing and making any further changes to the water if required.

It is very important to under-dose rather than over-dose, as too much Fi-Clor Chlorine & Bromine Reducer can produce a chlorine / bromine demand that may cause overdosing again. 

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