Cover Pump for Swimming Pool Safety Covers

by World of
  • Safety Cover - Cover Pump
  • Removes surface water from safety covers or similar covers
  • Ballast tank to add weight for maximum water removal efficiency 
  • Low Voltage
  • Removable pre filter

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The Plastica Safety Cover Pump is ideal for outside pools with safety covers, the pump has a automatic water sensor probe that will automatically turn on when there is unwanted water laying on your safety cover and turn back off again once it has removed the water.

The Plastica Cover Pump is used on Swimming Pool Safety Covers, the pump detects rain through its electronic sensors and then pumps the water away preventing any build up of water. The cover pump will automatically turns off once all the water has been taken from the cover. The Plastica cover pump will prevent dangerous build-up of water that could potentially lead to damaging the cover as well as posing a safety risk.

  • Automatic start and stop
  • Low voltage
  • Ballast tank filled required weight using water
  • Simple water sensor probe
  • Removable pre-filter