Bayswater 3.6 x 6.5m Plastica Wooden Pool

by Plastica
  • New 2018 Specification
  • 3.6 x 6.5m Octagonal Bayswater Plastica Wooden Pool
  • Can be sunk inground, part inground or installed above ground
  • Comes with 30 thou liner
  • 2 liner upgrades available
  • Extras & upgrades available (heaters, maintenance kit, pipe work, LED lighting)
  • 7 Days A Week Installation Helpline from World Of Pools
  • Quick & Easy Installation - 3 Day Build
  • Well written, easy to follow instructions with DVD -easier than Self-Build Furniture
  • Treated wood with a 10 Year warranty

DELIVERY: Plastica Wooden Pools will be sent within 5 working days

RETURNS: This product can be returned in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


The Plastica ‘’Bayswater’’ is the middle of 3 different Premium Wooden Pool Designs. Being 3.6m x 6.5m it was the middle size between the ‘’Belgravia’’ and ‘’Westminster’’ so it is the perfect choice if those models were either too big or small. This Wooden Swimming Pool will provide and create a load of family memories produced by hours of enjoyment and laughter.

3.6m x 6.6m ''Bayswater'' is the middle range of Wooden Pool, manufactured by Plastica Pools who are the largest suppliers in the UK. An easy to build DIY Wooden Pool that will look Fantastic in anyone’s back garden. Produced by Plastica Pools the 3.6m x 6.6m ‘’Bayswater’’ is the mid-range Wooden Pool but is big enough for all your family to enjoy and play in but still a average size to be heated without costing a small fortune.

Having a 3.6m x 6.6m size Wooden Pool will allow you to keep it warm all summer or even all year round without the worry of a huge running costs. 

''Bayswater' Wooden Pool provides a 4ft constant depth swimming pool which is more than deep enough to be able to swim lengths and to give you piece of mind if teenage kids were to be left alone in the Swimming Pool. A lot of people are scared off from buying a swimming pool because of the stories they hear from running costs on heating the pool, but technology has moved on so much that heating your Swimming Pool can be very cost effective if done correctly. You can purchase a low cost heat pump to heat your pool for short period of the summer when the pool will be in use and you even add a solar heating package to gain absolutely free heating source from the sun.

The most cost effective way of heating you pool would be a heat pump which will cost pennies rather than pounds per hour and you can even reduce that with a solar heating package, for advice on which is the best and most cost effective way of heating your pool would be please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 3.6m x 6.6m Wooden Swimming Pool by Plastica is designed to be DIY kit and ready for any comfortable DIY’er to build. And to be sure everything goes smoothly and correctly we offer free advice 7 days a week whenever needed.

Metal braces, required only on Stretched Octagon pools such as the Bayswater Wooden Pool, now come with clever timber boxing panels, to keep the aesthetics of the timber flowing.

Foam underlay for the walls and felt underlay for the floor give the soft feel to the liner as well as adding protection.

Solar & Winter Covers can be designed for your specific pool.

Liner upgrades available as well as extras such as heaters, maintenance kits, LED lighting and extra piping.

 If you would like to discuss which Plastica wooden pool would best suit your garden please call us on 01322 554 870