Aquachek Trutest Reader Water Analyser - Accurate Pool & Hot Tub Water Testing

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  • Accurate Numbered Pool & Hot Tub Water Test Readings
  • Chlorine, Bromine, pH & Total Alkalinity Tested
  • Accurate Reading Every Time
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Aquachek Trutest test strip reeder is the more accurate way of getting test strip reading, this advanced digital technology reeder is quick and easy to use and much more accurate than judging the reading by eye. Aquachek TrueTest is a unique, quick, easy way to keep your swimming pool water healthy. Results for Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity in few easy steps. Spend less time testing your Swimming pool water and more time enjoying it

Aquacheck Trutest is a quick, easy way to keep your swimming pool water healthy. The reader provides results for Free Chlorine, pH and T/A.

You use an Aquachek Test Strip in the same way as regular test strips but once dipped into the pool water you put the test strip into the Aquachek Trutest Reader. The results are then provided digitally. The Trutest reader has a large LCD screen which can be read easily indoors or outdoors. The machine is waterproof and will float if dropped into the water.

Results come within 30 seconds and as they are far more accurate than traditional testing systems you can react and ensure your pool water is properly maintained.

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