Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Swimming Pool Solar Heating Systems for above and inground pools. Solar pods and domes are ideal for smaller pools while solar matting and evacuated tubes are more suitable for inground pools

Thermecro Evacuated Tube Swimming Pool Solar Heating System will heat your swimming pool in the Summer or Winter. It will even work when it is raining. When compared to existing solar products it is far more efficient at not only producing heat but retaining it too, ensuring minimal heat loss and providing ultimate efficiency and heat gain for your swimming pool.

Thermecro Swimming Pool Solar Heating Evacuated Tubes are extremely effective and are capable of harvesting 92% of available solar energy making it an extremely Eco friendly solution with zero CO² emissions
Using the Thermecro Swimming Pool Solar Heating Evacuated Tubes will result in Significant savings on energy bills and with a simple installation; easily retro fitted to any existing system, supplied with pipe work installation kit and easy to use controller it is inexpensive to install too.

Space saving, compact design ensures maximum output and the adjustable frame allows for the optimum angle of inclination to the sun. Low maintenance means less time fixing and more time swimming and as the Thermecro Swimming Pool Solar Heating System uses Evacuated Tubes it is effective in summer or winter, rain or shine