DuraSpa S160 5-6 Person Hot Tub RotoSpa

by World Of Pools.com
  • Duraspa S160 5-6 Person Hot Tub
  • Fits Through Most Doorways
  • Price Includes Delivery & Installation
  • Free Upgrade to Ozonator, Chrome Jets & Foam Headrests
  • 1990 x 1990 x 770 Deep - Fits through most doorways
  • 1000 - 1100 litres. (5 to 6 persons)
  • Weight - 130 kg Dry (1200 kg Filled)
  • Electrical - Commando Socket - Hard Wired To Consumer Unit
  • Optional RCD Plug Extension For 13 Amp Sockets
  • Made In UK By Rotospa

DELIVERY: We aim to send all products out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: This product is Made To Order and can not be returned as part of the Standard Returns Policy. .


Free Installation on our 2018 Model DuoSpa S160 with Chrome Jets & Ozonator included. It is a truly portable. This Top-Spec 5 – 6 person hot tub spa, Duraspa S160, measures 1990mm x 1990mm x 770 deep. This generally allows the Duraspa S160 Hot Tub to fit through most household doorways. The Duraspa S160 has slightly less jets than the Duraspa S380.

What Spa Best Buy 2018

Award winning spas, each Rotospa Hot Tub is manufactured using a Rotomold technique making it light, strong, compact and attractive. Designed to fit through most normal doorways the Rotospa range of Hot Tubs  The DuraSpa S160 has two loungers, one deep Captains seat, two hydrotherapy seats, a volcanic like air blower, foot massage jets and an entry step that doubles up as a raised child’s seat, the Dura Spa S160 5-6 person Hot Tub Spa really does have similar power and performance to a hot tub that costs £'000s more.


  • 2hp pump with 2kw heater
  • 50 sq ft Top load high flow cartridge filter
  • 25sq ft high flow skimmer filter

Spa System

  • 16 x Luxury Chrome Hydro Jet Package including:
  • 2 x 4" "Storm" Series Chrome Jet
  • 4 x 3" Luxury Adjustable Chrome Jet
  • 10 x straight through ozone jets


      • 1 x "Silent" air control knobs (to adjust air stream in hydro jets)
      • Digital Touch Pad control system 


      • Thermally insulated lockable hardcover 

      Spa Colours

      • Granite Grey,
      • Light Grey
      • Deep Ocean Blue
      • Sandstone

      For maximum performance, the DuraSpa S160 uses a high flow manifold distribution system that delivers air and water individually to each jet at uniform pressures. The latest adjustable therapeutic and rotating massage jets in different sizes have been strategically positioned to give various massage effects in each seating area. Massage away the stresses of the day with the DuraSpas S160's superior, twin speed pumps with its additional jets for a greater all over massage; or relax and revitalise with the turbo air injection system that adds millions of tiny energising air bubbles to the water behind your back and around your legs and gives the most invigorating massage experience.

      The Duraspa S160 is designed and molded in one piece generating soft flowing curves and rounded corners making for a very esthetically pleasing look. The finishing touch are the four cedar panels that, on one side, remove to allow access to the pumps and heater.

      The Duraspa S160's carefully designed shape contours to offer smooth, full deep seating all with natural reclining positions. The Duraspa S160 has two loungers, three further active seats, one of which is a "Captains Chair" offering the best massage that we have been able to find in a hot tub of any price, as well as a "Cool Down" seat that also doubles as the entry step. Further features include supporting armrests, padded headrests and contoured handrails.

      The Rotomold design of the DuraSpa S160 is an advanced RIM (Rotational Integrated Mold) molding process that is used to form the spa, the surrounds and the base in one piece. This reduces the weight, increases the strength and lowers the cost with excellent heat and noise insulation. This same design has allowed for an Ipod jackpoint to be added that uses the Hot Tub body as the speakers.

      One of the many benefits that the Duraspa S160 has when compared to other Hot Tubs of a similar price is that the Rotomold design completely eliminates the rotting, delaminating, cracking, corrosion and osmosis problems that happens with all but the most expensive acrylic hot tubs. All in all the Duraspa S160 really does offer best value for money.

      Duraspa S160 is avaliable in Midnight Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey & Sandstone

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding the delivery please do not hesitate to call.

      The S160 Duraspa price includes installation, depending on site conditions

      The two things you will need to do prior to delivery are to ensure that the Duraspa S160 will fit through access points, whether doorways or side access, (dont forget the hot tub doesn't bend) and have an electrician install a Commando socket, connected to a suitable power supply with the correct breaker. We will send you a "pre-delivery" checklist to help you through this process.

      If you cannot get an electrician to install the Commando socket before the delivery date, but can't wait to use the hot tub, then we can offer an RCD Plug extension with a total of 5 metres of cable, to allow you to enjoy the hot tub until the electrician fits the hardwired connection.

      Rotospa engineers will then deliver and install the Duraspa S160 hot tub for you.

      We would be happy to advise you on the necessary electrics and help with any access questions, just call us on 01322 554 870

      All Rotospa Hot Tubs are produced in the UK and come with a Manufacturers 3 Year Shell & 1 Year Plumbing, Parts & Equipment Warranty