Multicyclone Swimming Pool Cyclonic Filter

by Certikin
  • Multicyclone Plus and Ultra Filtration
  • Saves water and reduces filter maintenance
  • Works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration
  • No moving parts to wear and tear
  • No filter media to clean or replace
  • Ideal as a pre-filter to extend life of existing filter


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The MultiCyclone Plus and Ultra are the future of swimming pool filtration. Using similar vortex technology seen in vacuum cleaners the system eliminates the need for a sand filter or separate cartridge filter. Backwashing is dramatically reduced saving time and money in lost water and chemicals. With no sand or glass media needed the Multi-Cyclone Plus Pool Filter costs less to buy as a complete unit than standard Pool Filters.

MultiCyclone Plus and the Multicyclone Ultra are an all in one Filter that has been developed by Waterco and can  be use don bothe swimming pool and pond filtration systems. One of the main advantages of this system is that it requires far less backwashing saving thousands of litres of water each year and time in terms of man-hours working on pool maintenance.

It comes in thre sizes, suitable for pools up to 50m3 to 100m3. The Plus and Ultra models come in either 1.5" or 2" fittings so will easily retro-fit into your existing pipework. The 2" models are able to manage larger volume sof water

Easy to install on inground or above ground pools up to 100m3.  

The hydro-cyclonic action increases the capacity of the inbuilt 40 square foot filter cartridge five fold, making the MultiCyclone systems equivalent to a 24” sand filter or a 200 square foot swimming pool filter cartridge. The centrifugal section filter pre-filters 80% of the dirt, which would normally clog up the filter and deposits it into the purge valve connected to the lower clear sediment chamber.

This unit is compact, ultra-efficient and can easily be retro fitted into your existing filtration system. As it removes 80% of the dirt before it reaches the integral filter, backwashing only uses 15 litres of water and depending on the swimming pool activity you will only need to clean the filter once every 6 months.

In our opinion, the MultiCyclone Plus and Ultra Swimming Pool Filter will reduce the energy costs of running a swimming pool dramatically, from less heated and chemically treated water being used to backwash the swimming pool to simply having a smaller pump on your swimming pool.