Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools make any garden a holiday destination. Enjoy summer with either a temporary put up and take down Intex pool or for the real enthusiast buy one of our permanent above ground swimming pools. We can help you choose whichever will suit your family, budget and garden.
Gardi Wooden Swimming Pools - Octoo & Oblong - World of Pools
  • Gardi Wooden Swimming Pools Made in Belgium
  • Octoo and Oblong wooden pools
  • Pools you can build yourself
  • High quality finish
  • Can be built above ground, partially sunk or fully sunk

DELIVERY: We aim to send all products out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: This product can be returned in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


Gardi Wooden Swimming Pools - Octoo & Oblong

Gardi Wooden Pools are beautifully Belgiun made swimming pools that can be self built. GardiPools advantage over other wooden pools is the high quality finish that is acheived by attention to detail on items such as the structure and top rail. The Gardo Octoo Pools come in two Octagonal sizes while the Gardi Oblong is a stretched Octagonal pool measuring 6.2m x 3.9. Both styles can be built above ground, partially sunk or fully sunk providing an inground pool look at the fraction of the price. We provide assistance on the Pool build and can offer a Pool Build service on the Gardi Pool if required.


There are several wooden pools available in the UK, but if you are looking for the best finish then the Gardi is probably the pool for you. If you are looking to spend several thousand pounds on a pool that will be in your garden for years to come you want the best finish available. Using a pool is obviously the most important part but so is sitting by the pool, enjoying the view a garden pool can provide, Gardi Octoo and Oblong pools offer both style and quality.  A stainless steel threaded bar reinforces joints on the Gardi Octoo and Gardi Oblong. This allows the frame to be tightened and improving the finished look. So that there are no parts that can protrude dovetail joints are included as standard.

The extra thick pool boarders are attached to the main body of the structure, they are also made in one piece to avoid any distortion or wear and tear. The sides of the exotic coping if longer than 4m are made of two parts, they are held with lateral support, which hide the fixing resulting in a great visual finish. The top rail have reinforced supports so you can easily support yourself on the side of the pool.


Basic structure is made from autoclaved pinewood 45 mm wide, and the top rail and stair are made from a tropical hardwood which gives it's great aesthetics. The Gardi Octoo wooden pool is a self-supporting structure with galvanised metal supports fixed, this allows the structure to be inground, semi inground or even above the ground

Heating a swimming pool will be the most costly part of owning a pool. chosing the right type of heater is really important and not all heating systems will suit everyone. We have cost saving option on pool heating and can offer great packages with the Gardi Pools. We also offer a swimming pool build service, if you have any questions regarding this pool, please call us on 01322 554 870





4m Knightsbridge Plastica Wooden Pool - World of Pools

4m Knightsbridge Plastica Wooden Pool

by Plastica
  • Knightsbridge Plastica Wooden Pool inc. Liner & Filtration
  • Wooden Pools can be installed inground, above ground or even part inground
  • 4M Octagonal Knightsbridge Plastica Wooden Pool + Plain Blue 0.75mm Liner 
  • Plastica Knightsbridge Wooden Pool comes with Top Quality Filter & Pump
  • 7 Days A Week Installation Helpline For Plastica Wooden Pools
  • Easy to follow instructions with DVD -easier than Self-Build Furniture
  • Plastica Octagonal Wooden Pools use treated wood with a 10 Year warranty

DELIVERY: We aim to send Plastica Wooden Pools out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 10 working days to allow for wood Tanalisation

RETURNS: Plastica Knightsbridge Wooden Pools are produced to order and as such are classed as a special order and cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturer's defect

If there is a manufacturing defect on any Plastica Timber Pool they can be returned in its original packaging, within 14 days from date of delivery. Returns should be sent via a "Signed For" carrier or post. A Returns Number must be obtained before sending goods back. It is normally the case that the damaged part is replaced FOC rather than a full swap out.

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Knightsbridge Plastica Wooden Pools are perfect for young families or homes with smaller gardens. The NEW 2021 design now offers the very best value, reducing the build costs and speeding up build times!

2 Week Lead Time On Wooden Pools in 2023

With cost effective Heat Pump pool heating options available, your pool can be ready to use all Spring & Summer long. 

Designed, primarily, for a family with younger children, the Plastica Knightsbridge 4m Timber Pool is chock full of SPATA safety features. You will not find in any other make of wooden pool with these additional safety options as SPATA regulations are UK based.

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Plastica Wooden Pool PDF Downloads Plastica 4m Knightsbridge Wooden Pools PDF Downloads

The high-quality finish on the Plastica 4m Knightsbridge Wooden Pool makes this pool the No1 Best Choice for an entry-level wooden pool. Matched with the affordability and ease of build it really is the simplest way to have that Swimming Pool Oasis in your garden this Summer and for many Summers to come

Plastica Knightsbridge Wooden Pool Dimensions & Specification

Internal Dimensions : 3.695m x 3.695m - Octagonal
External Dimensions : 4.213m x 4.213m - Octagonal

  • Redwood Walls & Structure with upgraded Two piece hardwood top
  • Hidden fixings kit
  • Internal Stainless Steel ladder & External Wooden ladder
  • Felt and foam underlay
  • Blue 30 thou liner - Upgrades Optional 
  • Installation guide and assembly dvd
  • 10 year warranty on wooden wall
  • Solar cover - Optional Extra
  • Winter Debris cover - Optional Extra

Owning your own Plastica Wooden swimming pool will allow your children to learn to swim and be safe around water, whilst turning your garden into a holiday area all Summer long. Our customers have told us how much money they have saved by not going out on Day Trips during the School holidays, easily re-couping the outlay within two years.

As all of the Plastica pools are designed and created for DIY installation they have been produced so they are easy to build, whilst still offering the highest level of specification available. The 4m Plastica Knightsbridge Wooden Pool can easily be built and ready to swim in over one weekend. The octagonal shape of the wooden pool creates the structural strength, so no bracing is required and the 1.18m wall height makes it ideal for the younger family with growing children.

Although the Plastica Knightsbridge Wooden Pool is mostly about the kids, you can add features that make it the perfect fitness, swim training pool. Adding a Counter Current Swim Jet quickly turns it into an Endless Pool that both Adults and Children can enjoy. Wake up early during the Summer, step into your own private swimming pool and spend 30 Minutes swimming laps, without the massive expense of an Exercise Pool or Swim Spa.

The Knightsbridge 4m Plastica Wooden Pool can be serious exercise tool for you whilst still being fun for the youngsters and their friends.

Heating your swimming pool using a Heat Pump & Solar Heating will allow you to swim more often and for longer, getting real value from your investment. Adding one of our low-cost Heat Pumps and Solar Heating options will give you the cheapest and most cost-effective way of heating your 4m Plastica Wooden Pool, allowing it to be used for hours on end with no Blue lips or shivering bodies.

Plastica still recommends a concrete base to build your pool on, but with their new wooden pool design, this is no longer essential. As long as the ground is flat and suitable for a liner the extra expense of pouring concrete is not always needed. Contact us for details of suitability

The Knightsbridge Plastica Wooden Swimming Pools is an ideal self-build pool and to ensure that everything goes smoothly we offer free advice 7 days a week.

10 Year Warranty On Wooden Pool Walls

Plastica Wooden Pools Are Designed For The DIY Installer

Installation Help Line Open 7 Days A Week

Produced In The UK By UK’s Leading Pool Manufacturer

Wood Is Treated, Just Before Delivery Offering Longest Life

Plastica offer many upgrade options on the Knightsbridge 4m Wooden Pool. Choice of liners, covers and heat pumps allow you to individually specify your choices for the perfect pool. Being industry leaders for many years allows them to reach SPATA standards of safety by adding a Low Suction point to stop filtration entrapment, the only brand of wooden pool in the UK to do so.

A Plastica Knightsbridge Octagonal Wooden Pool is the perfect pool for a young and growing family or for any home where space is at a premium in the garden. With safety features and a specification that is way ahead of any similarly priced brand, not only will the 4m Plastica Premium Wooden Pool be the safest option for your children it could be the safest option for their children too. Plastica Wooden Pools really are built to last that long.

If you would like to discuss which size Plastica wooden pool would best suit your garden please call us on 01322 554 870

Belgravia 5.6m x 3.7m Plastica Wooden Pool - World of Pools
  • 3.7m x 5.6m Belgravia Plastica Octagonal Wooden Pool
  • Wooden Pools Can be installed inground, above ground or even part inground
  • Belgravia Wooden Pools Come with 0.75mm Plain Blue Liner & Filtration
  • Call 01322 554 870 for available upgrades
  • Extras & upgrades available (heaters, liner, pipe work, LED lighting)
  • 7 Days A Week Installation Helpline from World Of Pools
  • Treated wood with a 10 Year warranty
  • Includes Metal Brace Kit 

DELIVERY: We aim to send Plastica Wooden Pools out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 10 working days as the wood may need to be tanalised

RETURNS: Plastica Wooden Pools are made to order and cannot be returned unless of a manufacturing defect.


The 2023 Belgravia wooden pool, made in the UK by Plastica 5.6m x 3.7m internally stretched octagonal structure is perfect for all garden sizes. This pool is great for the more serious swimmer.

Plastica 3.7m x 5.6m Belgravia Wooden Pool comes with all the high-quality components that have made Plastica Wooden Pools the best value for money wooden pools in the UK.

These pools are easy to install yourself and are strong & durable, coming with a guaranteed 10 year warranty. 

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Belgravia 5.6m x 3.7m Plastica Wooden Pool Dimensions & Specifications

Internal Dimensions : 5.564m x 3.695m
External Dimensions : 6.082m x 4.212m

  • Redwood Walls & Structure
  • New Upgraded Two piece hardwood top
  • Hidden fixings kit
  • 2 Braces
  • Internal Stainless Steel ladder
  • External Wooden ladder
  • Felt and foam underlay
  • Solar cover
  • Installation guide and assembly dvd
  • 10 year warranty on wall

Supplied with Plastica wooden pools are:

Robust 44mm pressure treated Redwood timber, selected from renewable sources. With all the necessary timber supports and fixings, as well as external and internal ladders. The two-piece reversible hardwood top shelving now uses a "plug & pellet" hidden fixing to ensure a simple, neat finish.

Metal braces, required for the Belgravia 5.6m x 3.7m Plastica Wooden Pools, now come with clever timber boxing panels, to keep the aesthetics of the timber flowing.

Foam underlay for the walls and felt underlay for the floor give the soft feel to the liner as well as adding protection.

Solar & Winter Covers can be designed for your specific pool.

Liner upgrades available as well as extras such as heaters, maintenance kits, LED lighting and extra piping.