Protect Your Swimming Pool Against Frost & Ice - World Of Pools

The weather has finally turned and the cold spell is here. To protect your swimming  pool in the cold weather and before the ice can do too much damage to your swimming pool, at World Of Pools, we think it is important to take a look right away at your swimming pool to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to stop your pool being damaged by Frost, Ice & Snow. Check that your Heater has been disconnected from the filtration and that any drain plugs are removed, so no water will be sitting in the heat exchanger. Check that the circulation pump and filter tank are also drained with drain plugs removed and all water drained down to prevent it freezing, any plugs should be stored in the empty pump basket.

It is also essential  to make sure that the skimmer is either free of water or to use a Swimming Pool Winter “Gizmo” to protect the skimmer from Ice damage. These “Gizmos” are very cheap, only costing £9.95, but screwing one into each Skimmer could stop ice damage to the swimming pool skimmer and save ££££s in unnecessary repair costs. Call us on 01322 554 870 If you would like more advice on protecting your swimming pool against Ice, Snow & Frost Damage.

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