Kleen Machine Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner

by World of Pools.com
  • Kleen Machine Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner
  • For above ground and smaller inground pools
  • Vacuums and scrubs floor and lower wall
  • 40ft power cord
  • 2 hour automatic shut off
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Extremely light weight - only 4kg
  • Intelligent navigation - cleans more pools in less time by focussing 100% of its cleaning cycle on the pool floor, and lower wall where the dirt collects

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The Kleen Machine Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner is perfect for smaller pools and will keep them clean the easy way

Save 88% on electrical costs compared to traditional suction cleaners and 94% on electrical costs compared to traditional booster pump pressure cleaners.

Lightweight Design

Weighs less than 4kg when empty. Simply place the unit in your pool and let the Pro Kleen 100 do the rest. Even when full of water, its patented Quick-Drain system ensures that the cleaner is far lighter than alternative cleaners, ensuring minimal effort when removing it from your pool water.

Smart Design

Designed to take the hassle out of pool maintenance. Smart Kleens powerful on-board pump and integral large capacity bag ensures that your pool remains perfectly clean with minimal effort.

Proven Reliability

Established for over 10 years, Smart Pool Robotic Cleaners have built an unrivalled reputation for reliability. Invest in a ProKleen 100 and you can be assured of a perfectly clean pool for years to come.