Poolsafe - Poolside Cleaning Solution & Gel

by World of Pools.com
  • Poolsafe Dual Action Removes Scum, Scale & Body Fats
  • Poolsafe Deep Clean Removes Rust, Scale & Scum
  • Poolsafe Descaler Removes Scale - Stainless Steel Safe
  • Essential Cleaning For Any Commercial Swimming Pool

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Award winning product, Poolsafe cleaning solutions are designed for commercial pools, lesiure centre pools, health club pools both indoor and outdoor. Poolsafe will restore and keep your tiled pool surround safe and clean. Simple to use solutions for every stain possible, if used correctly via manufactures guideline this can be a simple and stress free chore for any domestic or commercial swimming pool.

Deep Clean: This is a highly impressive product, which is recommended for the initial deep cleaning and 3 monthly thereafter without the need of closing your swimming pool. Deep clean has been specifically designed to remove heavy rust, scale, scum, calcium and body fats from tiles, grout and water slides etc. Safe to use on surrounding areas of a pool without affecting the pH balance of water, ideal in the changing room, toilets. Shower rooms, steam rooms and saunas (Warning do not use on stainless steel or chrome) 

Clean All: This is a powerful multi-purpose surface and floor cleaner, that cuts through stubborn grease, grim and other body fats. Clean All has a very intense degreasing action suitable for cleaning walls, floors, glass, rubber, plastic. Metal surfaces and even concrete surfaces. If followed the manufactures guideline this product really does clean anything and everything, everywhere!

Versatile Fast Acting Descaler & Cleaner: This product is very versatile, quick and effective in dissolving unsightly and unhygienic scale. Cleans and descales tiles and grouting, metal and pipes, showerheads, toilet/urinals, taps, basin and changing rooms. The benefits of using versatile fast acting descaler are that it can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including stainless steel and chrome/ceramic.

Removes scale that encourages odour-causing bacteria, leaving a long lasting fragrance, contains a powerful detergent making versatile a highly effective cleaner and replacement for bleach and channel blocks. Versatile Fast acting descaler cleaner is a low health hazard – uses biodegradable raw material causing very little environmental impact

Odour and Stain Eliminator: This is an enzyme product that plays a vital role within your cleaning routines. Completely destroys body odours, in saunas, steam rooms, gyms, sunbeds, showers, toilets areas and changing rooms. Odour and Stain Eliminator does the work for you, when eliminating odours, simply spray an fabrics, carpets, floors, gym equipment and leave, no need for wiping and rinsing. Excellent for preventing gym pads from splitting. Completely removes urine, sweat, soiling, fats, cooking oil, wine, milk and most soft drinks by digesting proteins. Regular use will keep kitchen grease traps and pipes clear and odour free.

Mould & Mildew Remover: Eliminates mould, mildew and algae. A powerful multi-purpose cleaning gel, which is ideal for showers, washrooms and toilets. Cleans rubber flooring, safer surfaces, outdoor pool surrounds and patios. You simply add the mildew remover to the effected area, which will leave light foam, leave for at least 30 minutes to let cleaning agent work. Rinse the surface thoroughly by hosing to waste, more than one application may be needed if the surface is badly contaminated.

Drain Free: A powerful caustic liquid drain cleaner that prevents costly blockages and destroys odours. Dissolves hair, grease, soap scum, body fats and all other organic matter. Maintains drains, pipe work, sinks, toilets/urinals and shower channels. Could you vast amounts of money on drain contractor’s costs, regular dosing programmes prevents the inconvenience of blockages. No need to remove the traps to use drain free, and has harmless effect to pipes, rubber and plastics.