MultiFunctional Shock Treatment - Shock, Algicide & Clarifier

by Plastica
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  • Calcium Hypochlorite Shock, Clarifier & Algicide
  • 3-in-1  Pool Shock
  • Easy to use with immediate effect on bacteria
  • Simple to measure dosing
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  • BPR Approved Manufacturer - Guarantees Highest Quality

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Relax Multi-Functional Granular Shock containing Calcium Hypochlorite & Clarifier. The combination of these two products will destroy algae and restore water clarity Multi-Functional Shock Chlorine is one of the secrets to a perfect swimming pool! Shock your pool every other week for the clean, clear swimming pool water

Relax Multi-Functional Granular Shock (Calcium Hypochlorite & Clarifier) is one of the secrets to a perfect swimming pool!

Swimmers, sunlight, rain and dirt deplete the ability chlorine has to sanitise your swimming pool. Shock treatments "burn" or oxidize these contaminates and restores the chlorine level in your pool. Shocking your swimming pool will actually rejuvenate the chlorine's “power" and make your swimming pool fit to swim in again.

It is important that you maintain the correct chlorine levels in your swimming pool using either chlorine granules or chlorine tablets and use a shock (Calcium Hypochlorite) or multifunctional shock on a weekly or fortnightly basis dependent upon factors such as maintaining correct chlorine levels, pH levels, bather load, weather etc.

Too much chlorine is not the cause of the dreaded “swimming pool” smell, skin irritations or red eye-burning problem? It would normally mean there is not enough “free” chlorine to oxidize the organic material that is using up the chlorine. Multi-function shock treatment for swimming pools is the answer.

As mentioned above, for a season of trouble free swimming shock your swimming pool as follows:

  • Once fortnightly under normal conditions
  • Weekly during periods of sunny weather, heavy bather loads or heavy rainfall.

Please not that our Multi Functional Shock comes in 2.5kg containers with a special offer on 2 x 2.5kg.

300g of Multi-Function Chlorine Shock will treat a 10ft x 20ft swimming pool, containing 20,000 litres (4,500 gallons) or if Algae is present in the swimming pool it is suggested to double the dose. To close your swimming pool for winter we would recommend using it the day before adding any algaecide.