Le Bloc Gel Cubes Swimming Pool Clarifier

by World Of Pools.com
  • 1 Le Bloc Gel Cube lasts up to 30days
  • Top of the range water clarifier
  • 1 Le Bloc Gel Cube Treats up to 12,500 gallons of water

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Le Bloc Gel Cubes Pool Clarifer is a long lasting and simple to use clarifier, Contains 4 cubes in a box and one cube can last up to 30 days, and each jolly gel cubes treats upto 12,500 gallons of water. Most popular gel based cube clarifier on the chemical market.

Gel cubes such as Le Bloc gel cubes have been on the market for years and are one of the most popular clarifer products for swimming Pool, the le Bloc gel cube is a high strength clarifier that will take out the smallest of particals providing you with sparkling clear water.

Manufactured by Le Bloc, the gel cubes are a long lasting and fast working solution for those cloudy swimming pools. The gel cubes work by removing the finer solids that are not nominally removed by swimming pool filters by congealing them together to make a larger solid for the filter to collect. Le Bloc gel cubes work immediately after installation and will produce remarkable improvements on your pool within the first 24hours of the pump run time

Le Bloc is a safe and environmentally friendly that will enhances the clarity, sparkles and polishes of your swimming pool water. The gel cubes releases a blend of active ingredients that bind and trap contaminants and residues. This will reduces the overall maintenance requirements of your pool.

Easy to use, the le Bloc gel cubes will make a significant difference to your swimming pool water