Hot Tub Aquachek Chlorine Test Strips

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  • Tests for Free Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, pH and Total Alkalinity
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  • Results In Only 15 Seconds
  • 50 Strips Per Bottle
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Aquachek Chlorine Test Strips test for not only Free Chlorine but also Cyanuric Acid, pH and Total Alkalinity.
Immerse the AquaChek test strip into the hot tub or pool water then remove it immediately. After 15 seconds the reading showing are the levels of your hot tub or pool.
Ensure that you test your spa before each use and your pool at least once a week. When checking your pool test twice, from two points furthest apart. Keeping a log will assist you in understanding how your water reacts to bather loads and weather.
Each bottle has full instructions.

Testing Capabilities
pH - range of 6.2 - 8.4. Hot tub & pool water should be between 7.2 - 7.6
Free Chlorine - range of 0 - 10. Hot Tub water needs to be kept between 3ppm - 5ppm & pool water between 1ppm - 3ppm
Total Alkalinity - range of 0 - 240 ppm. Hot Tub & Pool water should be between 80 - 120. 
Cyanuric Acid - range of 0 - 300 ppm. Cyanuric Acid, also called stabiliser or conditioner, helps reduce chlorine loss, but too much will cause "chlorine lock" and stop chlorine sanitising correctly. Pool & Hot Tub water should be kept between 30 - 50. 

Aquachek Chlorine Test Strip Application Instructions
1. Dip strip into pool or hot tub water and remove immediately.
2. Hold strip level for 15 seconds, but do not shake the excess water from strip.
3. Compare Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid results to the colour chart on the back of the bottle.
4. Adjust water levels accordingly using appropriate chemicals.
5. Store at room temperature and remember to ensure the cap is put back on tight.