Fi-Clor Winteriser - Non Copper Algicide, Scale & Stain Reducer

by Fi-Clor
  • Fi-Clor Winteriser
  • Winter Long Protection For A 90,000 Litre Pool
  • Fi Clor Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Prevents Algae & Fungi Growth
  • Non-Copper Algaecide
  • Helps Prevent The Formation Of Scale
  • Helps Reduce Staining From Dissolved Minerals
  • Winterlong Algicide

DELIVERY: Fi-Clor Winteriser is normally sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: Fi-Clor Winteriser can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


Fi-Clor Winteriser is specifically designed to offer a more effective protection from algae, Stain & Scale than other Brands of swimming pool winteriser.

Following the directions will allow you to safely add sufficient Non-Copper solution to the swimming pool to ensure a long period of protection from algae bloom, stain & scale. Ideal for using in Autumn & Winter in your pool, to be used as a Winterlong  Algaecide protection.

Instructions To Stop The Growth Of Algae in Swimming Pools During The Winter Using Fi-Clor Winteriser

Calculate your pool water volume, if in doubt call us and we can advise you.

Balance your pH level and add suggested dose of Fi-Clor shock chlorine.

Wait 24 Hours

Dose rate of Fi-Clor Winteriser: 1.5 litres Per 50m3 (50,000 litres / 11,000 UK Gallons) will last 3 - 6 months.

Autumn or Winter Closing of Your Swimming Pool: Shock your pool to achieve 8ppm Chlorine level. 24 Hours later add Fi-Clor Winteriser

If you have any question on how to dose Fi Clor Winteriser safely please call us on 01322 554 870