Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer (Minus) For Swimming Pools 7kg

by Fi-Clor
    • Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer For Swimming Pools
    • Sodium Bisulphate
    • Fi Clor Swimming Pool Chemical
    • Fast Dissolving
    • For Use In Pools Or Hot Tub Spas
    • Next Working Day Delivery

    DELIVERY: Fi Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer is sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

    RETURNS: Fi Clor pH & alkalinity Reducer can be returned unused & in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.

    PRODUCT INFO:Fi Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer

    Depending on the how it is used to dose your swimming pool or hot tub, Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer will lower either the pH or the Total Alkalinity in the water. High pH will cause cloudy water and can be a factor in scale formation. High pH may also reduce the sanitisation effectiveness of chlorine. Swimming Pool & Hot Tub water with a high alkalinity reading will be difficult to lower the pH as any chemicals designed to lower pH will automatically will be used up by the buffering action of the alkalinity.

    Instructions To Correct High pH Levels in Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs using Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer

    Calculate your pool water volume, if in doubt use this link to our Swimming Pool Chemical Handbook to use the handy swimming pool volume calculator.

    Test your pool water using your prefered testing method. If higher than 7.6 you will need to lower it

    With the pumps and filtration running, sprinkle the amount suggested on the label of Fi-Clor pH Reducer evenly around the pool, avoiding the skimmer areas. Do not dose more than 500g at any one time. If more than 500g is required repeat the process after 24 hours.

    Leave the filtration running and re-check the pH levels after 24 hours. If required redose with Fi-Clor pH Reducer

    Instructions To Correct High Alkalinity Levels in Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs using Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer

    Calculate your pool water volume, if in doubt call us and we can advise you.

    Test your pool water using your preferred testing method. If the Total Alkalinity reading is higher than 150 mg/l (ppm) you will need to lower it.

    With the Pump & Filtration OFF pour 1kg, in 200g increments, into one area at the deepest end of the pool, away from the skimmers. Each 1 kg dose should reduce the Alkalinity levels by 10-20 mg/l  (ppm)

    After 24 hours re-test the swimming pool or hot tub and if the Total Alkalinity reading is still above 150 ppm then repeat the dose until the level is correct.

    pH & Total Alkalinity Reducer Dosing Chart



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