Fi-Clor Liquid Floc For Swimming Pools

by Fi-Clor
  • Fi Clor Liquid Floc Clarifier in 3 Litre Tub
  • Aluminium Polychlorosulphate Swimming Pool Clarifier
  • Fi Clor Swimming Pool Chemical
  • Coagulates Fine Particles Causing Cloudy Water
  • Floc Settles On Pool Floor - Vacuum To Waste
  • Clears Very Cloudy Pool Water Fast
  • Convenient To Use
  • Removes Dead Algae After Shock Treatment
  • No Need To Pre-Dissolve - Fast Acting

DELIVERY: Fi-Clor Liquid Floc For Swimming Pools is sent out on a next working day service but all standard deliveries will be within 5 working days

RETURNS: Fi-Clor Liquid Floc can be returned unused, in original packaging, suitable for resale, within 14 days from date of delivery.


Fi-Clor Liquid Floc Swimming Pool Clarifier is helps clarify extremely cloudy swimming pool pool water, removes dead algae following a the shock treatment and should only be used in swimming pools using sand or glass filter media.

Fi-Clor Liquid Flocculant in 3 Litre tubs will bring your swimming pool water back to it's crystal clear best overnight. It will even help remove the stubborn, dead algae after you have killed it with Chlorine shock.

Fi-Clor Liquid Floc works by binding together fine particles that make swimming pool water cloudy. The heavier particles now fall to the pool floor where they are easily vacuumed directly to waste.

Using Fi-Clor Liquid Floc in your swimming pool will bring back the sparkle to your pool.

Do Not Run The Filter When Using Fi-Clor Liquid Floc

Backwash as needed after use as Fi-Clor Liquid Floc will raise the pressure in the sand filter

Dosage is 1.25 Litres per 50,000 litres / 50 m3 / 11,000 Gallons 

To calculate your swimming pool volume use this link to our Swimming Pool Chemical Handbook to use the handy swimming pool volume calculator

Contains Aluminium Polychlorosulphate.

Dosing Rate For Fi-Clor Liquid Floc

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