Champion Spa No Scale For Hot Tubs

by Champion
  • Champion Spa No Scale
  • Scale inhibitor and dispersant for use in spas and hot tubs
  • Useful in hard-water areas to prevent a build-up of limescale
  • Available in 1lt and 2lt bottles


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Champion Spa No Scale is an Anti Scale, scale inhibiter and dispersant that can be used in hot tubs and spas

Champion no scale can be used in hot tubs and spas to inhibit and disperse scale. This product also removes iron and other staining agents.

Champion no-scale should be added directly to the water at the point of water inlet to the Hot Tub. Hot Tub water should be changed on a regular basis. If dissolved solids are allowed to build up, the point will be reached where scale control is not possible.

On initially filling the spa with the filter system running, add champion spa no-scale to the rate of 154mls per 1000 litres of Hot Tub water