Champion Spa Bromine Granules For Hot Tubs

by Champion
  • Champion Spa Bromine Granules
  • Quick dissolving sanitiser for daily disinfection
  • Quickly boosts bromine levels
  • pH is close to neutral so minimal effect on water balance
  • Great alternative to chlorine
  • Available in 1kg tubs


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Champion Spa Bromine Granules

Champion Premium Bromine Granule, bromine is commonly used to sanitise Hot Tubs, Spas and Swimming Pools. Our Premium Relax brand of Bromine Granules comes in 1kg

Champion Bromine Granules are at the highest quality Bromine Granules by a Top Branded Premium manufactures, which are easy to use and last a lot longer than the standard stabilised chlorine especially in hotter climates. When using Bromine you will notice that it is a lot less harmful to irritating eyes and irritation to the skin and less of a strong odour. If changing over from chlorine to Bromine or vice-versa please buy a new chemical dispenser as the two chemicals can react when mixed together