Champion Spa Alkalinity Increaser For Hot Tubs

by Champion
  • Champion Spa Alkalinity Increaser
  • Used to correct alkalinity when it falls below 80mg/L
  • Fast acting
  • Helps to prevent pH bounce in your Hot Tub
  • Available in 1kg tubs


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Champion Spa Alkalinity Increaser

Spa Alkalinity Increaser helps you to increase the level of your spa waters Alkalinity without drastically effecting your pool waters pH level.

Regular pH increaser will both increase your waters pH as well as your total alkalinity so it should not be used to increase Alkalinity.

When your alkalinity levels are too low it can cause; green water, burning eyes, itchy skin, corrosion of metal parts and pH bounce. Adjusting your total alkalinity using this product will help rectify these effects. Available in 1kg tubs.