Champion Rapid UltraShock Chlorine Granules For Swimming Pools

by Champion
  • Champion Rapid UltraShock Chlorine Granules
  • No Need To Pre-Dissolve - Dose Straight Into Pool Water
  • 78% Free Chlorine Content - Ultra High Shock Dose
  • Ideal For Opening or Closing Of Swimming Pools
  • Stabiliser free, no chlorine lock
  • Helps to clear pool of bather wastes
  • Kills bacteria, controls algae and breaks down combined chlorines
  • In Stock for fast delivery.


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Champion Rapid UltraShock Chlorine Granules 4kg

Champion Rapid Ultra Shock Chlorine Granules provides 78% Free Chlorine, so is strong enough for pool owners to dose their pools with a high level of chlorine, killing bacteria algae and removing bather waste. Make sure your pH level is properly balanced before adding before using this product. Perfect product for regular dosing or when pools have algae or cloudy water


Champion Rapid UltraShock Chlorine granules are available in 4kg tubs. Dosage (for general shocking) is 325g per 50 cubic metres (11oz per 10,000 gallons). Double or triple the dose for severe cases of algae.

Contains Calcium Hypochlorite 78% - No Need To Pre-Dissolve Pour On Pool Water