Champion Pool Sparkle Clarifier for Swimming Pools

by Champion
  • Champion Pool Sparkle pool water clarifier
  • Liquid alternative to dry flocculants for swimming pools
  • Organic polymer
  • Removes large amounts of debris to create sparkling water
  • Leaves pool water crystal clear


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Champion Pool Sparkle is a liquid alternative to dry flocculants. It helps to bind dirt and debris in your pool water, making it easier for your pool filtration system to clean. Pool sparkle removes large amounts of debris leaving your pool water cleaner and less cloudy. Available in 1L bottles.

Initial dose: Add 500 mls per 45,000 litres / 10,000 gallons of pool water. Regular dosage: Add 100 mls per 45,000 litres / 10,000 gallons of pool water. Before adding the initial dose, backwash your filter. Add the initial dose with your filtration system on. Run the filtration system for 24 hours. For very cloudy pools an additional dose may be needed. For best results also vacuum your pool.