Champion Pool Clarifier For Swimming Pools

by Champion
  • Champion Pool Clarifier
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving of solid required
  • Assists with the removal of algae and deposits from pool water
  • Enhances the clarity of swimming pool water


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Champion Clarifier will enhance the water clarity of your swimming pool. Cloudy water can be treated with a clarifier which will bind the suspended particals of your swimming pool water together.

Champion Clarifier for swimming pools or spas in a 2 litre and 5 litre tubs. Our premium branded Champion water clarifier is designed for use in swimming pools and hot tubs. Clarifier will return the sparkle to pool water.

Champion Pool Clarifier binds small particles that pass through your filteration system and back into your pool water which is responsible for making the water cloudy. The gathered particles are therefore easier for your pool pump to filter, making your pool filter work more effectively. Ultimately this leaves you with clearer, cleaner water. Available in 2 or 5 litre tubs.

Initial dose is 220mls of clarifier to 10 cubic metres of pool water. After, add 50mls of Champion Pool Clarifier to 10 cubic metres of pool water (weekly).