Champion Granular Flocculant For Swimming Pools

by Champion
  • Champion Granular Floc in 5kg
  • Aluminium Sulphate based granular Clarifier
  • Coagulates debris to the pool floor
  • Helps to clarify pool water
  • Can be used as a full floc treatment or as a filter aid


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Champion Granular Swimming Pool Flocculant is a premium brand flocculant that helps clarify pool water and should be used with pools that have a sand or glass filtration system

Champion Granular Flocculant in 5kg containers is an essential aid in providing clear water for your swimming pool. The floc can be used as an aid in general pool maintenance or for a full floc treatment when the pool water is cloudy.

The flocculant works by binding together small particals, these then drop to the pool floor and can be vacuumed out.

Easy to use the champion granular flocculant will help make your pool water crystal clear. This is normally held in stock and would be delivered on a next day delivery service

Dosage is 2kg per 100 cubic metres 

Contains Aluminium Sulphate.