Champion Alkalinity Increaser For Swimming Pools

by Champion
  • Granular product for correcting low total alkalinity
  • Fast acting
  • Helps to maintain the pH level
  • Can be used with all types of disinfection control


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Champion Alkalinity Increaser (sodium bicarbonate - Raises Total Alkalinity). Making sure your Total Alkalinity is at the desired levels in your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub water will not only stop your water being corrosive it will also improve and make pH levels easier to maintain

Champion Alkalinity Increaser can be used in your swimming pool or spa to raise the Total Alkalinity in the water. Low total alkalinity may cause your swimming pool or hot tub water to be corrosive and the pH level difficult to maintain.  Total alkalinity should be maintained at between 80 - 150mg/l (ppm).

When using this chemical please ensure you use a clean plastic bucket to dissolve the Total Alkalinity Plus in before added to your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub water (Please remember always add chemicals to water and not water to chemicals as this is very dangerous). Once fully disolved add the Total Alkalinity Plus over your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub return making sure your circulation system is on. Check your water over the next few days to see if you have it at the desired temperture you require which will make your pH levels also easier to maintain.

Dosage is 1kg per 50 cubic metres (1lb per 5,000 gallons)

Contains Sodium Bicarbonate.