Aquafinesse Water Care Solution

by Aquafinesse
  • AquaFinesse makes it easy to keep the water in your spa clean, crystal clear and silky soft
  • Perfect alternative to harsh products such as chlorine or bromine
  • One Minute - One time a week process
  • Natural ingredients reduce the need for harsh chemicals
  • Spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it with AquaFinesse

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AquaFinesse is a one simple weekly treatment which is an environmentally friendly formula. Gets to the root of the problem by loosening the layer of slime and scale from the surfaces, it is then rinsed away by the action of the water and prevented from reoccurring. Using Aquafinesse will dramatic reduce the levels of bacteria, needing only the minimal amount of sanitize, even calcium, the notorious destroyer of spas, is not match against the power of AquaFinesse formula

Calcium is well known for the destruction it leaves in its wake, but even calcium in a spa is no match against the might of AquaFinesse formula. It is broken down by AquaFinesse's patented formula, coagulated and washed into the filters

Simply add the Aquafinesse solution once a week as instructed and that's it! No more balancing pH levels, adjusting alkalinity, slimy surfaces, water lines or foaming problems. AquaFinesse saves you time AND money by eliminating the need for additional harsh water chemical products. At World of Pools we really mean it when we say that AquaFinesse is the genuine one-step solution to hot tub water care.

Not only do we make hot tub water care very minimalist to maintain, we also make it enjoyable. You will immediately notice the softness and light lavender scent that AquaFinesse adds to the water. Unlike conventional spa cleaners, AquaFinesse doesn't irritate your skin and eyes or damage your hair and swimwear. With AquaFinesse, you can truly sit back, relax and enjoy soft odor-free water like nature intended.

It takes a few minutes to prep your spa before you use Aqua Finesse.

Step 1:

Remove and clean the filter in your spa. Use an AquaFinesse Spa Clean tablet in order to purge all the lines for deep cleaning of your spa.



Step 2:

Drain your spa and fill it with fresh water.



Step 3:

As always, keep the water balanced.

That's it! Once your water is balanced, you're ready to get started.

Weekly maintenance.

Check the AquaFinesse bottle to see how much is required, then shake it and pour it in. Turn on the jets for two minutes to activate AquaFinesse, and that's it!

Of course, you'll have to maintain your level of sanitizer, keep your water balanced and clean your filter periodically with AquaFinesse Hot Tub Filter Cleaner. You'll find you're using a lot less sanitizer and the water will be much easier to keep balanced.