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Intex Magnetic LED Wall Light 28688

by Intex
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  • Magnetic LED Wall Light by Intex
  • 230V Main supply transforms down to a safer 12V DC
  • Power for the light transfer through pool wall via magnetic contact
  • Brighter than a conventional 50W halogen light
  • Positions anywhere on pool side wall
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Intex Magnetic LED Wall Light

Intex have developed a highly efficient power LED light for swimming pools. This magnetic wall light can illuminate any above ground swimming pool, with its 230V main supply which transforms down to a safer 12V DC. This pool light is also affordable to run as its LED.

An example of the savings which you may make by exchanging your regular lighting to LED:

A commercial pool with ten lights Standard 300w bulb x 10 = 3kw x 10p = 30p per hour 14w LED bulb x 10 = 0.14kw x 10p = 1.5 per hour Saving of 28.5p per hour x 12 hours = £3.42 per day (£1,248 per year) 



Intex Floating LED Light - World of Pools Sold out

Intex Floating LED Light

by intex
Sold out
  • Intex Floating LED Light 
  • Light up your pool at night with the new Intex floating LED light
  • Includes 3 function modes: Flood Light (soft white), 3 Colour Changer (red, green & blue) and Flood Light & Colour Changer combo (soft white, red, green & blue)
  • At the touch of a button the light changes modes to provide the ideal ambience for your family and guests to enjoy
  • Perfect for all above ground pools up to 18ft