Rio Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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  • Rio Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • Top of the Range Heat Pump with 'own brand' label
  • One Of The Most Efficient Heat Pumps Available
  • Over £5 of Heat For Every £1 Spent.
  • Reverse Cycle Gas Defrost - 4 Way Valve
  • Remote Digital Control Panel.
  • High Efficiency Compresor.
  • Very Quiet Operation.
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Low Start-Up Amps Soft Start Option

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Rio Heat Pumps offer exceptional value for money. These heat pumps will outperform standard competition heat pumps, providing more heat to your pool water at a lower air temperature. We hold Rio Heat Pumps in-stock and offer fast delivery. Rio Heat pumps come with an easy to use digital display panel and titanium exchanger.

Rio Heat Pump for your swimming pool? There are more heat pumps on the market than ever before and the choice for the pool owner of which one to buy has become more difficult.

Reliability and Output are two critial areas when deciding which heat pump to buy. This could make a significant difference in achieving the pool temperature you desire or reducing the amount of hours your heat pump needs to work to get your pool to temperature.

To provide some clarity to the choice available we have compared the Rio heat Pump to others on the market:

For a 55 cubic meter pool - 10m x 5m 1.1 depth you could choose one the of the below for an extended summer heating system

Rio 12.5 - at air temperature 15 degrees produces 12kw

Garden Pac GP05 - at air temperature 15 degrees produces 12kw

Duratech 13 -at air temperature 15 degrees produces 11.8kw

Hydropro 18 - at air temperature 15 degrees produces 10.8kw

There are many other heat pumps on the market, so it is worth looking at what heat they produce at the industry standard of air 15 degrees, water 29 degrees. The Rio offers outstanding value for money, producing more heat at a lower air temperature than many of its competitors and at a lower price.

Swimming pool heat pumps work by transferring heat from the ambient air to your swimming pool water. Air is drawn into the heat pump and passes over an evaporator coil, which contains cold liquid refrigerant. As the air passes over this coil, the refrigerant heats to become a warm gas. The Gas passes through the compressor, either scroll or rotary which compresses it to a hot gas.  The gas passes through a condenser and the pool water washes over the coil, heats through conduction, providing warm water returning to your pool.

The Horizontal made Rio is for the 25,40 and 55 Rio while the larger Horizontal is for the 80 and 100 models. the larger models also come with a Rotary Compressor

For more information on which heat pump is most suitable for you, where to position the heat pump and any other questions you may have, please call us on 01322 554 870