Gardi Wooden Swimming Pools - Rectoo

by gardi
  • Gardi Wooden Swimming Pools Made in Belgium
  • Rectoo Model Wooden Pool
  • Pool you can build yourself
  • High quality finish
  • Can be built above ground, partially sunk or fully sunk

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Gardi Wooden Swimming Pools - Rectoo

The Gardi rectangle wooden pool offers a one size swimming pool which is rectangle at one and octagonal the other, this allows the pool to fit most garden without losing too much space. The Gardi Rectoo is as sturdy, stylish and suitable for all the family to enjoy. This wooden pool has a unique patented system like all the other Gardi wooden pools they have reinforced joints with stainless steel thread bar running all the way through the joins. This allows the dovetail joints to be tightened or released when ever you need to. Self supporting structure with galvanized metal supports fixed into the reinforced concrete floor. We have a team of engineers if a build services required and you wish to have the pool inground, semi sunk or even fully above the ground

At world of pools we list two different types of wooden pools, the Plastica Wooden Pool and the Gardi Wooden Pool. The Gardi Rectoo is an outstanding pool compared to the Octoo Gardi Pool and the Plastica Wooden Poolwhich both are great pools but have pro and cons. When purchasing a Rectoo Wooden you have a pool that has all the best bits from the Plastica and Gardi Octoo range with upgrades including an extra skimmer mouth and upgraded pump, also included are internal metal plates to give it more stability like no other wooden pool. The Rectoo wooden pool is a whole new class above the rest when it comes to wooden pools.

The Gardipool Rectoo wooden pool still has the unique design system of dove joints which is now further developed for a rectangle pools so therefore can have a finished corner of 90degrees, saving you a vast amount of space in your garden when positioning your Gardi pool. The wood is made of the highest standard in Belgium and is checked from starting product to the end product, which is treated; grade 4 red pinewoods and all checked by Gardi themselves. Also comes complete with an anti-bacteria felt, which stops it corroding underneath the pool and stainless steel fixing.